Karen Connor Optimal Healing Research Program (KCOHRP)

KCOHRP was directed by Dr. Melinda H. Connor, a Clinical Psychology with additional training in neuropsychology. She has been an energy healer in professional practice since 1987 and came to LACH as the recipient of an NIH sponsored T32 post doctoral fellowship health grant through the Department of Integrative Medicine under Andrew Weil, MD.

The mission of the program was to find the mechanisms of action in energy healing, miracle healing and the healing process of the human body, and the vision was to support the health and healing of all the peoples of the earth through research, education and information distribution. Each research study conducted through this program was undertaken with those goals in mind.

KCOHRP research included:

  • Demographics of Energy Healers in the US
  • Styles of non-Reiki Energy Healing Practiced in the US
  • Baseline Testing of Energy Healers
  • Assessment of Reiki Practitioners using the Triaxial ELF Magnetic Field Meter
  • Laser perfusion Imaging of Energy Healers Hands
  • Dosage effect of energy healing on plant leaves
  • Effects of QiGong toward strengthening anti viral effectivness on Aids patients:
  • Case Study of Exceptional Healing in Spinal Paraplegia
  • Demographic Assessment of codes of ethics supported by Reiki Practitioners