The LACH Logo

Monday, November 13, 2017

Explanation of our LACH Logo1

Quoted from Duck, pages 10-11, a book about the history and nature of waterfowl, written by Victoria de Rijke2

“Waterfowl are part of the sacred story of life, and in Egypt were associated with Isis in bringing forth the sun. In Yoruba creation myth the world began as marsh full of waterfowl, and for the Magyars (the inhabitants of present-day Hungary) the sun god Magyar turned himself into a diving duck and made humans…. For the Hebrews and many other cultures, duck is associated with immortality. According to Indian legend and the sacred texts of the Brahmins, the world was born out of a cosmic egg, the Brahmanda3….In ancient thinking, the Celts, Greeks, Eqyptians, Hindus, and Chinese all believed that the sky was the upper half of a cosmic egg. And since ducks live both in the sky and the water and lay eggs, they naturally lend themselves to cosmic interpretation and explanation.”
“‘Omnis mundi creatura
Quasi liber et pictura’
- Et hic crit Anas.
‘Every creature of this world
is like a book, a portrait’
- and this will be Duck.”

1 The LACH logo was designed by Mary Flores, a former advanced graduate student in the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

2 Victoria de Rijke is Principal Lecturer in Performing Arts and Education at Middlesex University.

3 From the Sanskrit, meaning "Egg of God," or "Cosmic egg." The cosmos; inner and outer universe.