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Welcome to the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health (LACH) at the University of Arizona..

Our Mission

Our mission – to creatively and responsibly apply mainstream scientific methods to frontier questions in consciousness and health.

Responsibility to Truth

LACH has a straightforward position concerning various controversial questions in consciousness science and their implications for understanding advances in consciousness and health:

If it is real, it will be revealed; and if it's fake, we'll find the mistake.

Please read more about our Responsibility to Truth as the Heart of Science...

Our universal or meta hypotheses include...

Consciousness exists and can be investigated scientifically.
Consciousness is in a dynamic state of change and evolution.

The term evolution is defined broadly and generally here to refer to "developing and unfolding changes over time."

  • Evolution is used by LACH independent of any hypothesized explanations or mechanisms of evolution.
  • Potential mechanisms of evolution include Darwinian, Lamarckian, Self-Organizing, Random, Intelligent, and Intentional Evolution.

Please read about the philosophy of our World Hypothesis...

Research Programs

LACH includes eight specific consciousness research areas that are controversial in society as well as in mainstream scientific disciplines, including psychology:

  • Evolution of Consciousness and Understanding (Universal Hypotheses and Post-Materialism)***
  • The Role of Consciousness in Health and Healing***
  • Survival of Consciousness After Death***
  • Quantum Holographic Consciousness
  • Group and Global Consciousness
  • Animal Consciousness
  • Other Worldly / Higher Spiritual Consciousness***
  • Universal Intelligence Hypothesis

The areas marked with *** are currently featured in the laboratory.

Please read further about our Research Programs.


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